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  1. Hello!

    Chakras and the Planets - Wikipedia

    (image source: Wikipedia – sizes are to scale but not distances)

    In a recent Chakra Psychology group we explored the relationship between the Chakras and the Planets.  As we know there are many associations for each of the seven major Chakras and the planets in our solar system are one.  Without needing to be an astrologer (astrology being a deep and complex study), we can use these associations to help us understand and support our Chakra system.  Here’s one way how …

    Firstly we look at the associated planet for each chakra.  We then look at the characteristics of each of those planets.  We then relate these characteristics back to how we are experiencing each of our chakras.  Through meditating & focusing on each chakra in turn we can hold the quality of the planet associated with it.  Eg. if we feel our self-esteem is a bit wobbly at the moment at our solar plexus chakra we can imagine the energy of Mars or the Sun and ‘feed’ that chakra with it.  Having an image of the planet helps with this intention.

     Which Chakra, which Planet?

     There are some variations between writers but largely they are consistent:

    Root:               Saturn; Earth

    Sacral:             Pluto or Moon

    Solar Plexus:    Mars or Sun

    Heart:               Venus

    Throat:             Mercury

    Brow:               Neptune or Jupiter

    Crown:            Uranus or Sun

    Characteristics of each of the planets in one word:

    Note:  it is also useful to look up the qualities of each planet in more depth if you want to add to the kind of energies you'd like to feed your chakras with (see resources below).

    Sun:                self esteem

    Moon:             feelings

    Mercury:          mentality

    Venus:             attraction

    Mars:               motivation

    Jupiter:            expansion

    Saturn:            caution

    Uranus:           eccentricity

    Neptune:         escapism

    Pluto:               compulsion


    Chakra Power by Cassandra Eaton, Quantum books, 2001

    There’s an interesting youtube video mediation of the chakras being planetary – exiting out into the aura (9 mins.)





  2. One of my Christmas presents from my husband was a Jackson Pollock jig-saw puzzle.  Well, if any of you know Jackson Pollock’s abstract expressionist paintings you will guess just how difficult doing a puzzle of one of them is.  (See pic.)   Clearly his Third eye chakra was full of energy!

    Jackson Pollock and the Chakras - Jigsaw Puzzle

    Fortunately, Russell (said husband) is doing the puzzle with me.  That prompted me to think just how important sharing a task is – getting support, having fun, working out the best sort of method to do the puzzle.  Heart chakra in action! Then of course a bit of competition, who can get the most pieces etc.  Solar Plexus chakra in action!! 

    And then something surprised me – it shouldn’t have really I suppose – but it did.  Every single piece of this puzzle is totally different.  I don’t know the correct terms for the bits that stick out and the bits that have been cut into round the edge of each piece, but each are unique.  By observing the slightest difference in shapes and angles and lengths of edges it becomes possible to find out how pieces fit together – without needing to know the bigger picture.  Of course it helps to refer to the box top with the picture on it, but with an image like this that doesn’t really help that much.

    This made me think about just how unique each of us is – and yet we all fit together to make a whole.  We’re lucky if we have any idea of what the bigger picture is for any of us individually or as a human race but we can know that it is there and that ultimately there is a wholeness.

    We have always lived with great uncertainty and that is highlighted in our world at the moment (Brexit, Trump etc. etc.)  We mustn’t fall for the words of leaders who sound infallible and certain of the future.  They don’t know what’s going to happen anymore than the rest of us.  What we can do is take good care of our bit of the puzzle and whilst keeping our unique shape, make sure we can fit in with the right people either side of us.  

    And meditating on our own Chakra system can remind us of our true shape and our intrinsic wholeness.

    Wishing you blessings, happiness & prosperity in 2017 and beyond.