The In-Depth Chakra Psychology Course

This is a unique course for people who already have some training or background in personal growth, eg. psychotherapists & counsellors,  bodywork therapists, healers, alexander technique teachers, osteopaths, yoga teachers, meditators, and those on a personal development path.  It will be available on line at a later date.  It is also available on a one to one basis - face to face or on-line or a combination of both.

Combining the age-old chakra system with its roots in the Tantric and Yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, with contemporary psychological knowledge is a powerful way to access unconscious material, as well as become more familiar with our energetic patterns and our strengths.  On this course participants explore and compare contemporary writers on the chakras and learn about the developmental stages of consciousness and human growth.

Through working with your own chakras you come to know yourself in a much fuller way. If you are a therapist, the knowledge, experience and tools learned, will support you in your work with clients – whatever your modality.

Participants are introduced to working with each of the seven major chakras using a range of healing & therapeutic approaches including:

  • humanistic and  transpersonal psychology
  • eastern philosophy
  • somatic therapy
  • childhood developmental theory
  • inner child work
  • creative visualisation
  • sound and colour healing 

 A certificate can be given on completion of course requirements.

This course is validated for CPD by The Association for Therapeutic Healers, which is a member of the Confederation of Healing Organisations. The CHO is the leading charity advancing the practice of Healing.