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Welcome to my blog where I intend to share with you anything interesting about Chakra Psychology - both my own journey and experiences and what is happening with my courses.

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  1. Can your Chakras tell you something about your name?

    I've been thinking about my name Delcia. You know I've never felt comfortable with it.  Maybe it's because it unusual and so often people ask me where it comes from or how did I come to get it.  Invariably I have felt some kind of obligation to tell the story. Then again in my not very generous moments I would think I got my name because my mother was disappointed that I wasn't a Richard John and so compensated by giving me a fancy Christian name. (Sorry mum!)

    But what has all this got to do with Chakras?  Well whilst letting myself experience where in my body I felt this discomfort with my name, I realised it was right in the centre of my chest, in my heart chakra... click on read more to continue ...  

  2. Muswell Hill, North London

    I'm sat at my pc preparing my next Chakra Psychology Ongoing Group format.  This is a group that meets in London every three months for a Sunday afternoon and each participant has already done my In-Depth Chakra Psychology course.  And what a group they are!  All excited about chakras and wanting to learn more, and now we are choosing a specific topic for each meeting that I get to do more research on.  In January we explored Sex and the Chakras, in April the Endocrine system and the Chakras, and next month we are doing the Chakras & Physical conditions, such as cancer, arthritis, allergies and so on.  The more I learn about Chakras - and I began in 1981!! - the more I realise just how much they give us a way in to all levels of our being and how they bring together each of those levels.  So although generally my particular emphasis is on our psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing (being a psychotherapist as well as a energy healer), we simply can't separate out physical symptoms.  The Chakras open the doorways to every kind of physical problem we may have simply because each chakra governs a specific system or part of the body, eg. breast cancer and the heart chakra, or arthritic shoulder or neck pain and the throat chakra. 

    I have some shoulder pain at the moment - an old memory of an injury that is also connected to the grieving process (my elderly mother died last year).  Starting this blog is an example of me choosing to work on my throat chakra - to get my voice out more.  I wonder what your body is telling you at the moment and which chakra or chakras may be involved?  

    And here's an example of a throat chakra image that is one of my paintings:


    'Throat Chakra' - Artwork by Delcia McNeil - Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Mentor, Healer, Artist