Delcia McNeil - Founder of Chakra Psychology

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Delcia McNeil

has a wide interest in psychotherapy, healing, complementary therapies, spirituality, and the arts. 

Having been a social worker in Liverpool & the East End of London during the 1970s she then trained in subtle energy healing and therapeutic massage. She began psychotherapy training (humanistic & integrative) in 1988 and was registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy for eighteen years.  She is a full member of the Association for Therapeutic Healers and an associate member of The Confederation of Healing Organisations.

Delcia is a pioneer and loves to work at the interface of a number of healing modalities. She is a natural teacher with many years experience of facilitating both educational and therapeutic groups. She taught healing and massage in Adult Education in London from 1983 to 1989. From 1992 to 2003 she co-directed The Rowan School for Healing where she ran a professional healer training programme.

She has developed an in-depth knowledge of Chakra Psychology and runs professional development courses and workshops on this topic on-line.  

Her book ‘Bodywork Therapies for Women’, which was commissioned by The Women’s Press, was published in the year 2000, and at that time she also produced a popular CD entitled ‘Opening to Self Healing’.

Delcia facilitates a monthly professional consultative and support group for healers and bodywork therapists and has been successfully doing this since 1989. She also offers one to one supervision and mentoring (now all on-line).

Delcia has an on-line private practice for one to one counselling, supervision/mentoring, remote healing, and chakra therapy.  Her In-depth Chakra Psychology course is available on a one to one basis and is tailored to the individual.

Delcia is also an artist.  Her paintings are inspired by therapeutic, metaphysical and human themes, such as healing, communication, relationships,  the unconscious mind, and responses to the weather and world events.  She exhibits regularly.  Apart from being purchased by the general public,  many therapists buy them to enhance their therapy space and some psychotherapists use them as objects for the psychotherapeutic process. All the artwork on this website is created by Delcia.  To see more, visit

'Wild Chakras' - Art by Delcia McNeil - Psychotherapist Supervisor, Mentor, Healer, Artist
An example of Delcia's chakra artwork, titled 'Wild Chakras'