Money and Chakras


The chakras are like huge databases and when you connect with them, ask the right kind of questions, and allow the chakra to reveal its wisdom to you, you receive insights and help way beyond what your conscious mind can give you.  You can overcome difficulties in your relationship to money and feel emotionally and physically better through shifting your thinking, mood state, and felt experience.  This translates into actual changes around the substance of money itself.

After spending over thirty five years using the chakra system as a vehicle for my own self healing, and also teaching about chakras for most of that time, it was eight years ago that I realised that I could use them to help with healing my relationship with money. This was prompted by a major personal financial crisis.  I had been exploring all the ideas about abundance consciousness, law of attraction and so on since the 1980s but I was in an extremely anxious state about a financial loss that was completely out of my control. 

I knew that physical and financial security were root chakra issues and I knew that we use the brow chakra for manifesting.  However, I created a system involving each of the seven major chakras to uncover specific psychological and energetic blocks to feeling healthy, positive and clear in my relationship with money. I found that negativiy and fear around money rests within certain chakas, and others can give me the wisdom and bodily energetic shift that I needed to heal that.  Developmental stages throughout life, including their historical and social contexts, are also relevant to this work.

 What gets uncovered in the workshop are unconscious attitudes, emotions, thoughts, memories and feelings about money itself and what it means or doesn't mean to us.  These, of course, directly affect our behaviours around creating/generating, spending, saving, investing, giving, receiving, finding, losing connecting with or disassociating from money.

The aim of the workshop is for people to connect energetically to their feelings and thoughts around money, gain greater awareness, and use the chakras themselves to help them feel better and make positive shifts towards abundance on all levels.   

This course can be offered on-line.  If you are interested contact Delcia.

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