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Welcome to my blog where I intend to share with you anything interesting about Chakra Psychology - both my own journey and experiences and what is happening with my courses.

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  1. Chakras and Money - Advanced Psychology with Delcia McNeilAs I have another one day workshop on this topic coming up in Muswell Hill, North London on Sunday 9 June 2019 I thought I'd share some of my reflections on this topic and why I run this workshop.

    The financial crash in 2008 resulted in a money crisis for me.  I and my husband lost thousands of pounds because of a property investment overseas that went under.  This was to be our pension!  Having always worried about money I had to do something drastic.  I was so fearful my life was almost in pieces.  I turned to my chakra system - something that had already helped me heal myself so much.  I developed a system of working with each of the psychological associations and developmental chakra levels, connecting with the felt experience of each chakra, and allowing the chakra to give me wisdom.  I found that negativity and fear around money rests with certain chakras and others gave me the wisdom and bodily energy shift that I needed to heal the weaker ones.  It was an fascinating journey and I continue to check in with my chakra system if I start to get anxious about money.  I have not only recovered from the great fear I had after 2008, but I have also healed the fear around money that I carried from childhood.

    This is why I run this workshop.  So many people worry about money, even if they have plenty of it.  Deep beliefs locked away outside our conscious awareness in our energy fields dictate how much money we can create - or not.

    At the time of writing there are three spaces left on this workshop.  Here's some feedback from a previous one:

    "I was struck by the amount of valuable information that the chakras contain and I gained competely new perspectives on my relationship with money."  Sue C., Cumbria

    Your investment in your future - the fee for the day is £90.

    Flat 2, 56 Queens Avenue, Muswell Hill, London N10 3NU.  10am-4.30pm.



  2. The Music Room at 'House for an art Lover' - Glasgow

    This photo is of the music room at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow.

    With the Easter weekend just behind us I’m reflecting on a special four days I’ve just spent in Glasgow with my husband, Russell, and some close friends.
    We’ve had a wonderful ‘arty’ time, visiting Glasgow’s galleries with special focus on the work of renowned Glasgow architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his artist wife Margaret MacDonald.  What I have seen has prompted me to think about which Chakras are affected by different types of visual stimuli.  You may think it would be Third Eye and Heart Chakras that are most responsive to this - the Third Eye being concerned with visions and the Heart with emotional responses to beauty and form (or its opposite).  However, I’ve been realizing more and more just how the Chakra system works as a whole
    For example how does a painting or building or actual landscape (rural or urban) affect our Root chakras?  Does what we are looking at make us feel more connected to the planet, more excited about being in our physical bodies?  And our gut feelings at the Sacral - does what we are seeing turn us on, so to speak?  Does it give us pleasure?  At the Solar Plexus we may experience ourselves thinking ‘could I ever achieve that?’  So easy to compare ourselves less favourably to the achievements of others.  At the Throat we might ask ourselves “How do I talk about my experience of seeing something new, or what is it that the artist, architect or gardener etc. is communicating to me.  Of course, for me, at the Crown chakra I experience the wonder of what I have seen; an awe - especially if what has been created has a definite spiritual purpose, such as a religious building or a place where light has been used consciously to lift the spirit.
    These were my personal responses to Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum and Gallery, Pollok House, and House for an Art Lover.  How about giving a few moments to think about where you have been this weekend and how your chakra system has been in action? Even if you have spent it at home your energies will have been processing - perhaps re-balancing through rest or meditation, perhaps stimulated by your own creative endeavors.   If you have been feeling down or unhappy think about which chakras were struggling and what internal dialogue you may have been having that has kept you feeling this way.
    Easter, in the Christian tradition, is as we know about death - sacrifice - and rebirth.  Jesus was said to have spent Easter Saturday, or rather the time between his death and his resurrection, in a dark place, possibly hell itself, before returning to the light reborn.  Whatever any of us are facing in our lives right now being mindful of our chakras helps us keep focused on transformation.  If we’ve been in a negative place within ourselves, connecting with, clearing and balancing our chakras helps us return to the light over and over again.  And external visual beauty is one way of helping us feel good on the inside.

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    Venues:  Muswell Hill, London N10 3NU and Storth, Milnthorpe, Cumbria LA7 7JH
    Here’s some information about Chakra related events coming up to help you feel good on the inside

     All good wishes for a colourful and invigorating springtime!