On-line Group Sessions


Money & the Chakras
Thursday 3 September 5-6.30pm (UK time)

We are living in difficult times regarding income and financial security.  Many of us are living on much less money and re-evaluating what actually matters to us in our material lives.  The chakras are like huge databases and when you connect with them, ask the right kind of questions, and allow the chakra to reveal its wisdom to you, you receive insights and help way beyond what your conscious mind can give you.  You can overcome difficulties in your relationship to money and feel emotionally and physically better through shifting your thinking, mood state, and felt experience.  This can help you manage these uncertains times and create the money that you need.


Colour, Colour, Colour
Tuesday 11 August, 5-6.30pm

The therapeutic power of colour cannot be underestimated.  As a phenomenon colour is about vibrations of light and emissions of energy.  Colours affect every cell of our bodies.  The Chakras can be described as lens-like structures that pull in and strengthen the light that is all around us, each one resonating with a specific colour.   In this session we will focus on how colour helps us heal, manage anxiety, protect ourselves, and improves our wellbeing.  I will talk you through a colour healing process.

As an added benefit each meditative visualisation process will be recorded and emailed to you as a resource for you to continue to use if you wish to. 

Booking & Payment:
We will be meeting using the Zoom on-line platform. I will take a maximum of ten participants.  The cost of the session is just £20. You can pay via BACs (bank details provided on booking) or PayPal by using.  Contact me for details.   If neither of these ways of making payment is possible for you let me know. 
Booking for each session is on a first come first served basis. Email me at [email protected]  and let me know if you wish to join us.   I will send you an email with the zoom link the day before the meeting.  You can ‘arrive’ at the meeting up to ten minutes before it is due to start, and I will be there.