On-line Group Sessions

Strengthening your Personal Energy Field
Tuesday 30 June, 10-11.30am 
"Thank you for a fascinating, illuminating and engaging session with our Human Energy Fields plus sending a recording of the meditation. 
To have it plus the handout is a gift, I shall appreciate and nurture." 
Your personal energy field - or the HEF (the human energy field, more traditionally referred to as the aura) is a cocoon like shape around the physical body.  Made up of subtle energies, it comprises a number of layers, each associated with the chakras and different levels of our being - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  It is interesting to me that social distancing demands that we are two metres apart - a littler wider than the size of two healthy HEFs.  Through protecting the space around us we can help keep ourselves safer as well as healthier and more balanced. In this session we will be exploring how healers view the HEF and I will take you through a colourful process of clearing, balancing and strengthening.

Managing uncertainty & anxiety through the Chakras
Wednesday 15 July 10-11.30am
"Thanks Delcia for a great session" 
"Thank you for your wonderful help at this time"

One definition of anxiety is 'a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome' - exactly what we have right now with the Covid19 situation.  Each of us manages natural feelings of anxiety in different ways and each of our seven major chakras produce their own vibrational response.  This gives us information about how we are experiencing anxiety, and, more importantly, offers us ways in which we can transform discomfort into feeling more at ease. In this session we will talk about how we experience anxiety and I will take you through a unique chakra visualisation process to help you feel supported and empowered.

As an added benefit each meditative visualisation process will be recorded and emailed to you as a resource for you to continue to use if you wish to. 

Booking & Payment:
We will be meeting using the Zoom on-line platform. I will take a maximum of ten participants.  The cost of the session is just £20. You can pay via BACs (bank details provided on booking) or PayPal by using.  Contact me for details.   If neither of these ways of making payment is possible for you let me know. 
Booking for each session is on a first come first served basis. Email me at [email protected]  and let me know if you wish to join us.   I will send you an email with the zoom link the day before the meeting.  You can ‘arrive’ at the meeting up to ten minutes before it is due to start, and I will be there.