Chakra Psychology Workshops & Courses

Click on the links below to find out more about the various Chakra Psychology courses and workshops offered face to face and on-line:

Learn the theory, experience the energies, explore personal history, develop awareness, apply knowledge...

Delcia offers the opportunity to do this course on-line in small groups, or individually.  If choose to do the course on a one to one basis you can, if you wish, include additional counselling sessions as we go through the issues associated with each Chakra.  Contact Delcia for more details.

A powerful form of therapy that helps to heal inter-generational trauma.   One day workshops held in South Cumbria.  Contact Delcia for more details.

A workshop exploring the connections between money & the chakras, helping solve your difficulties with money using the intelligent wisdom of the chakras.  This workshop can be made available on-line during lockdown.

Exciting small group sessions of one and a half hours in length.