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Welcome to my blog where I intend to share with you anything interesting about Chakra Psychology - both my own journey and experiences and what is happening with my courses.

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  1. Solar Plexus Chakra - Art by Delcia McNeil - Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Mentor, Healer, Artist   Revisiting the Solar Plexus chakra recently and the whole issue of how we value ourselves (or not), the topic of money reared its head again and I started wondering about this whole question of what is it that we are actually meant to value about ourselves.  Here’s what I came up with....

    There always seems to be a lot of energy around the issue of money. Money is often the end result of a process of manifesting.  We manifest a service or product and then we contribute it to all the other services and products that are being offered in our society.  The money follows because we give value to that contribution.

    This must be a key both individually, but also socially on a much grander collective scale. What so often happens is that we forget the value of contribution, whether that be a product or a service.

    The money is always a symbol of value. Too many of us simply do not value ourselves enough. This isn’t about ego, or about puffing up a fragile self-esteem, or making ourselves into somebody who we are not. It is about valuing the essence of who we are as individuals, the gifts and skills that we have, and the qualities that we have that so often go unrecognized.  It might be others that don’t recognize us but more often than not it is ourselves.  This is because we take who we are and what we do for granted.  We think “If I can do this, anyone can”, when in fact that’s simply not true.  Even if someone else has a similar skill or quality they can never show it in the same way you or I do.

    Because qualities, skills, gifts and our very essence make up who we are we simply do not see them.  There is this enormous blind spot in so many people.  Of course there are those who are misguided or narcissistic who think they have qualities when they don’t, but I would hazard a guess that these are in the minority (especially amongst women).  Most of us simply do not see the value that we bring to others, and in so doing we run the risk of not placing a monetary value upon that when that is appropriate.

    One suggestion is to sit down with a friend and ask them to tell you all the qualities and skills that they see you having.  Make a list of them. It can be quite a surprise!  And then try giving a monetary value to those skills that you would like to make your living from.  Or if you already do make money from these skills really review the situation and see if you are giving them the monetary value they deserve.  Good luck!








  2. Chakras & the Power of Intention 


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    Rather than thinking about New Year’s resolutions, which tend to fade away rather quickly, I’ve decided to focus on the power of intention.  This has been widely researched, particularly by the well known writer and researcher Lynne McTaggart (author of The Field.)  In her book The Intention Experiment she gathers scientific evidence for the fact that the focussed thoughts of intention directly affect outcomes.

    As each of our chakras relate to significant and essential aspects of our lives on all levels, I am suggesting that each of us think about and then write down a statement of intention for each of the seven major chakras.  We can then look back at them during the year to see how we are doing.  In order to practice what I preach I thought I would be brave and share mine with you.  Having stated them publicly will support me to keep my intentions going.  And I’ve printed them out and have pinned them above my desk!  You might like to do the same kind of thing.
    I intend to exercise my physical body at least a third more than I did in 2015.
    I intend to have more fun, more pleasure and take myself less seriously.
    Solar Plexus
    I intend to take greater care in protecting this chakra as I unconsciously pick up negative energies too easily.
    I intend to trust in my friendships more fully – that is really believe that others will be there for me without me have to put lots of effort into maintaining relationships.
    I intend to sing more!
    I intend to allow my intuition, creative and psychic abilities to flow rather than feel I must work hard to develop them.
    I intend to own my connection to Source simply and fully without question.


    Good luck!  Best wishes from Delcia