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Chakras and Money - Advanced Psychology with Delcia McNeilAs I have another one day workshop on this topic coming up in Muswell Hill, North London on Sunday 9 June 2019 I thought I'd share some of my reflections on this topic and why I run this workshop.

The financial crash in 2008 resulted in a money crisis for me.  I and my husband lost thousands of pounds because of a property investment overseas that went under.  This was to be our pension!  Having always worried about money I had to do something drastic.  I was so fearful my life was almost in pieces.  I turned to my chakra system - something that had already helped me heal myself so much.  I developed a system of working with each of the psychological associations and developmental chakra levels, connecting with the felt experience of each chakra, and allowing the chakra to give me wisdom.  I found that negativity and fear around money rests with certain chakras and others gave me the wisdom and bodily energy shift that I needed to heal the weaker ones.  It was an fascinating journey and I continue to check in with my chakra system if I start to get anxious about money.  I have not only recovered from the great fear I had after 2008, but I have also healed the fear around money that I carried from childhood.

This is why I run this workshop.  So many people worry about money, even if they have plenty of it.  Deep beliefs locked away outside our conscious awareness in our energy fields dictate how much money we can create - or not.

At the time of writing there are three spaces left on this workshop.  Here's some feedback from a previous one:

"I was struck by the amount of valuable information that the chakras contain and I gained competely new perspectives on my relationship with money."  Sue C., Cumbria

Your investment in your future - the fee for the day is £90.

Flat 2, 56 Queens Avenue, Muswell Hill, London N10 3NU.  10am-4.30pm.



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