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Chakras & the Power of Intention

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Chakras & the Power of Intention 


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Rather than thinking about New Year’s resolutions, which tend to fade away rather quickly, I’ve decided to focus on the power of intention.  This has been widely researched, particularly by the well known writer and researcher Lynne McTaggart (author of The Field.)  In her book The Intention Experiment she gathers scientific evidence for the fact that the focussed thoughts of intention directly affect outcomes.

As each of our chakras relate to significant and essential aspects of our lives on all levels, I am suggesting that each of us think about and then write down a statement of intention for each of the seven major chakras.  We can then look back at them during the year to see how we are doing.  In order to practice what I preach I thought I would be brave and share mine with you.  Having stated them publicly will support me to keep my intentions going.  And I’ve printed them out and have pinned them above my desk!  You might like to do the same kind of thing.
I intend to exercise my physical body at least a third more than I did in 2015.
I intend to have more fun, more pleasure and take myself less seriously.
Solar Plexus
I intend to take greater care in protecting this chakra as I unconsciously pick up negative energies too easily.
I intend to trust in my friendships more fully – that is really believe that others will be there for me without me have to put lots of effort into maintaining relationships.
I intend to sing more!
I intend to allow my intuition, creative and psychic abilities to flow rather than feel I must work hard to develop them.
I intend to own my connection to Source simply and fully without question.


Good luck!  Best wishes from Delcia


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