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Can your Chakras tell you something about your name?

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Can your Chakras tell you something about your name?

I've been thinking about my name Delcia. You know I've never felt comfortable with it.  Maybe it's because it unusual and so often people ask me where it comes from or how did I come to get it.  Invariably I have felt some kind of obligation to tell the story. Then again in my not very generous moments I would think I got my name because my mother was disappointed that I wasn't a Richard John and so compensated by giving me a fancy Christian name. (Sorry mum!)

But what has all this got to do with Chakras?  Well whilst letting myself experience where in my body I felt this discomfort with my name, I realised it was right in the centre of my chest, in my heart chakra... click on read more to continue ...   The vibration of energy there felt sort of jagged, unsettled, somehow just not right and certainly not at ease. When I kept my focus here I remembered a 'soul name' I was give about twenty years ago by a wonderful psychic in London called Betty Balcombe. I won't share it here because its important to keep it secret (so as not to lose its energy).  Anyway I decided to focus on the vibration of my soul name in my heart chakra and then merge it with the name Delcia. Gradually I felt an easing in my heart chakra when I internally said Delcia.

The message in all this I want to share is use your heart chakra to develop a loving relationship with yourself and start with loving your name. You may already feel happy with your name, but, if not, consider taking some chakra action.  I know you are free to actually change your name if you really don't like it, but how about asking your heart chakra to give you a different name or sound, and gently allow this other vibration to merge with your actual name? You can have a sense of your soul and heart chakra as one and then they give you this name or sound.

Names are so important and are a real bridge from our inside to outside worlds. Our Christian names particularly hold a great deal of our self esteem energy.  If you come from the heart chakra I believe you will be strengthening the solar plexus below and the throat chakra above.  Try it and if you want to let me know how you get on.

(In case you are curious my name came fromAustralia. It's unlikely it originated there and seems to have a South American connection. It may be a hibrid mix of Delia and Dulcie. My mother had a niece who had a pen friend in South Wales,Australia called Delcia and my mum took a fancy to that name. I contacted that Delcia many years ago and she grew tomatoes in the outback. I adore tomatoes! )

Wishing you a heart-felt weekend – whatever your name is!


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  1. Jill

    This is very interesting as I know that our names hold a lot of energy for us, particularly when we don't really identify with them as Delcia has indicated. And quite often in families, children are given a "formal" name but then called something else entirely on a day-to-day basis, such as an abbreviated name or a "pet" name. In my work as a sound therapist, I have facilitated sessions in which the person's name has been sung/chanted to them, either on a one-to-one basis, or with them as the focus of a group of people all singing/chanting that individual's name. This can be an extremely moving experience and bring up a lot feelings from the past. You can also sing/chant your own name and, as Delcia suggests, as you do this, you could focus on your heart chakra and see what happens. And if you are in that position of being known by more than one name, try them all to see if that brings up different feelings. Jill.

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  2. I can resonate with this too. Whilst I am named after my father and I am proud and humbled by that. I always felt at a young age that I would have liked a biblical name like Matthew, Mark, Luke, John or Peter. However it wasn't to be, and if my Mum had her way my Christian name may have been Edwin, which is nice and I would say reasonably rare. Thanks for the Chakra insights Delcia, I will endeavour to meditate on the heart chakra. Neil

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