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Welcome to my blog where I intend to share with you anything interesting about Chakra Psychology - both my own journey and experiences and what is happening with my courses.

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  1. Hello!

    Here is my third blog about the chakras and money.  In the last few months since I have been taking on board the elements of the advice below my income has increased by 25%.  I know this doesn’t sound like a huge increase but before this my income was falling - probably because my language was full of what I refer to as ‘recession talk’ and I wasn’t sufficiently valuing what I do and who I am.  Not only did my income stop falling, it went up.  And new work opportunities and other sources of income keep coming in.  I hope this blog helps you truly value yourself.

     Best wishes,


    This is your solar plexus chakra speaking in respect of money.

    How do you value yourself?  As you think about money when you focus on me (your solar plexus chakra) what happens?  Does the old anxiety from negative thoughts arise?  Do you say “I’ll never have enough” “I don’t deserve money”  “I don’t know how to get it”  “I might lose what I have”?  Do these kinds of thoughts dominate you?  Well, - stop it!

    You are of the greatest value – so precious in fact that nobody could put a price on you.  So – choose your price!  Place a monetary value daily on yourself, eg. “Today, or each day, I am worth £500.”   Then value your day as if it was costing you £500.  This is not about spending £500 a day (unless you are already a billionaire you would get into financial difficulty very quickly if you did that!).  No, rather I mean value your life, your day today as that (or another) amount of money. 

    Money is a reflection or a mirror of your self worth and I want you to value yourself highly.  In fact our example of £500 a day of value is very low for the precious being that you are.

    If you want to explore your own Chakra system in relation to Money there are just a couple of spaces left on my next weekend course in Storth, south of Kendal, Cumbria this coming weekend 1 & 2 December.


  2. Hello!

    Here is my second blog about Money & the Chakras.  I hope you enjoy it.  I am realising more and more that the energy of money is something that brings me joy and pleasure – which is a key feature of the sacral chakra.

    This is your sacral chakra speaking in respect of money.

    I am the place from where your money flows.  I encourage you to feel pleasure, to buy goods and services that delight you and I support you to provide goods and services that make others feel good.  This is my soul/sole function.  I help you to balance your outgoings and income so that you are always in a steady financial flow.

     Along with my friend, the root chakra, I reassure you on a gut level that all is well and you can create and attract to you all the money you need – and much more. 

    I also show you how you can feel completely satisfied and experience the fullness of joy of having enough.  When you do not fear lack you find that you hold to yourself that which is of value, and your needs become more simple and direct.  For instance you may just need good food, comfortable shelter, good company, and opportunities to be creative.  I, the sacral chakra, can supply these things easily – just connect with me and believe in me.


    And don't forget - join me, Delcia, for the Money & the Chakras weekend course on 1 & 2 December in Storth, near Kendal, Cumbria.   Help solve your issues around money using the intelligent wisdom of your chakras.      chakrapsychologydelciamcneilmoneychakras.html 

    Abundance (This small image is one of my paintings called Abundance).