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  1. Here is the final entry for the major chakra energy centres - the seventh - the Crown Chakra. 

    This is your crown chakra speaking in respect of money.

    Ah here you have your total connection!  Here, you have full access to the source of everything that is good for you – thoughts and visions, feelings and sensations, love and happiness.  This is always available for you – like the blue sky that is always above the clouds. 

    Just connect to us here and the energy and love for all your chakras can flow through and down to you and around you and up from the earth.  You live in a field of abundance.  You just need to truly know it.

     Imagine money itself raining down on you.


  2. This is your brow chakra speaking in respect of money.

    What do you visualise and think most about? 

    I want to help you bring your dreams into reality, but I have to know what your dreams are before I can plant the right ideas and pictures into your mind.

    If your dreams are not defined, are hazy or unclear in any way, give yourself time; connect with your heart and sacral chakras, and see what comes.  Don’t stop the birth or creation of a dream because you think or feel it can never happen.  Play with your possibilities and ‘see’ what excites you.

    I can give you all the ideas you need to create money.  I can also give ideas to others close to you, or those who are coming into your life.  These ideas will complement yours.  Using me and your heart chakra you can make money in a constructive and life giving way.

    Check yourself when your thinking or imaginings go into destructive patterns.  Turn every seemingly negative or difficult situation into something positive for yourself and others. 

    There is always a way through when times seem tough, and your thinking and visualising not only help you avoid those times, they also help you learn from every situation.  Never blame or criticise yourself with your thinking.  Picture yourself happy and contented.

    Abundance  best wishes from  Delcia