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CP13 Your Chakras can cool you down!

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Using your  Chakras to help cope with the heat!


Who would ever think I would be posting suggestions to help cope with feeling uncomfortably hot.  And I’m writing this in Cumbria – not known for its sunny climate!!  My heart goes out for those of you living in London and the South East where I know temperatures are hotter still.  It’s wonderful to be experiencing a Mediterranean climate.  We might just need some help adjusting.


I have never before thought about using the Chakra system to help cool myself down.  But this was what my Chakras gave me during last night when I felt too hot to sleep, and I decided to share it.  You may find it interesting and fun to notice the imagery is full of colour, ice and food!


I find it helpful to lie down when I meditate, but seated would be OK for this too.  Relax, breathe, let go:


Focus at the Crown Chakra at the top of the head.  Imagine a silvery, cool lilac-blue mist coming down from above into your head, cooling your brain and the skin of your head and face.  Just breathe that in.


When you are ready move your attention down to the Brow Chakra at the centre of your forehead at the front and the middle of the back of your head.  Here you imagine a dark sea, deep, deep blue – almost black in colour.  Here in the depths of the sea the temperature is very cold.  Let this join with the cool mist.  Your whole head is gently cooling down.


Move to your Throat Chakra where the usual sky blue colour is now icicles suspended inside your  neck, cooling all the tissues in your mouth throat cavity.


At the Heart Chakra in the centre of your chest, and between your shoulder blades at the back, you imagine opening a freezer door and a green mist comes out and fills your lungs and heart, calming and relaxing them.


As we go to the lower chakras we are challenged by the warmer colours of the spectrum.  However at the Solar Plexus you see a banana!  It is just ripe and it’s skin is a stunning yellow.   You peel the banana and blend it with ice and make a smoothie with the ingredients of your choice.  You imagine this cold drink cooling your digestive tract and diaphragm.


For the Sacral Chakra in your belly and low back you see an orange that has been in a freezer and is covered in ice.  You imagine this beautiful icey orange entering your Sacral Chakra and spreading its cooling qualities throughout your gut and lower spine.


At your Root Chakra at the very base of your spine you imagine a  rhubarb sorbet  (if you don’t like rhubarb you could choice another red fruit).  This sorbet fills your legs, feet and genitals and lower part of your torso.  If you like you can combine your iced orange with your rhubarb sorbet!


This really worked for me.  Of course you could alter the imagery to suit yourself, but if you try this out I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!



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  1. Eileen Mitchell

    What a delicious way to work through the chakras on a hot day! Just my cup of tea, so to speak!! It was so nice to read that I am not the only one who goes through the chakra system whilst lying down. So many references tell us that it is necessary to be seated - well, for me, my spinal injury makes that somewhat uncomfortable. Lying down is sheer bliss, and now that I can imagine all this lovely, cool, imagery then it will be even more so. Thank you, Delcia, for sharing it with us.

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  2. Love this idea! Like you say, Delcia, not something we need very often in the UK, but it is great and effective - I will definitely be passing on this suggestion to others! Thank you :)

    Posted on

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