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CP11 blog post Crown jewels!

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My last blog post was ‘Your crown chakra speaks about money’.  Even though that means I had covered the seven major chakras, I’ve decided for now to keep posting on the theme of money.  This is partly personal as I continue to use my own chakras to help me move forward on this topic, but it is also because money – the economy – dominates the news and, in my opinion, its negativity is seriously affecting people’s emotional (and consequently physical) health.  Any comments on this appreciated!

There are jewels in your crown chakra! 

I want to share about a wonderful day in London I had last week with my sister.  We went to the Tower of London!  I hadn’t been there since I was a little girl.  I know horrendous things went on there, but here I want to focus on the Crown Jewels.  I have never seen anything so amazingly beautiful and awe inspiring.  The power of these jewels – displayed on a number of different crowns and regal paraphernalia – reminded me of what I had found in my Crown chakra when I meditated on it in respect of money a couple of years ago. I want you to know that you too can have the energy of rare jewels right now by meditating on your crown chakra and asking for its power and wisdom.  Here’s the entry from my money & chakras diary:



“I then went to the crown chakra – Pegasus was already there*.  The entrance was wide open and with a loving design of light – like lace-work fine metal, shiny.  Pegasus took me on his back and we flew to this distant light which, as it came closer, became a building, a kind of house that was made of precious stones and gems – rubies, diamonds.  I went inside and all the walls, ceiling and floor were made of pure gold.  I was told this was mine, not in a possessive sense – there is no possession, no having to earn this, no need even to show gratitude – this is simply who I am, the wealth of spirit itself.  Consequently my mood is really good now!”

*Pegasus had turned up in a meditation on my crown chakra some weeks beforehand; he had in fact transformed from being a wounded horse that I had discovered in my sacral chakra.  More on that story another time!

You too are the wealth of spirit itself.  You – and I – are as valuable as all the Crown Jewels in the Tower put together – plus some!

with love and wealth,


Crown Jewels!This funny photo was taken by my sister in one of the shops at the Tower.  It makes my face look longer than it really is, but I’ve put vanity aside as I thought it might make you smile!!



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  1. Jill Robinson

    We are made of star dust. What could be more precious? All that beautiful golden light. Let it shine!

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