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CP8 Money Blog 5 Throat Chakra

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Hello - this is my fifth blog about money and the chakras.  It's short and to the point!

This is your throat chakra speaking in respect of money.

How do you speak about money?  Do you speak negatively?  Do you hide the facts about your money situation?  It’s still something of a taboo in your culture, isn’t it?

Of course right now it is important to take care around who you speak to about your financial situation.  So many others are full of fear around money and that can undermine you as you transform your thoughts and attitudes about value, wealth and money creation.

Listen to how you speak, and if it is negative – change it!  You don’t have to be ‘pie in the sky’ or exaggerate or lie, but you can consider the word and meaning of value before you speak of money.  Notice if you sound resentful or mean or lacking – check that and change from fear to words of love and abundance.

Remember the heart chakra too – how you speak about money affects the quality of your relationships, and therefore the opportunities for wealth creation that can come your way.  Others want to be around you when you speak positively and optimistically.

Abundance   best wishes from  Delcia



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