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CP7 Money Blog 4 Heart Chakra

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Welcome to the Heart Chakra's take on money.  I hope it makes your heart sing a little and recognise some of the wisdom here.  Happy giving and receiving - seems appropriate for the pre-Christmas period!

This is your heart chakra speaking in respect of money.

Here I simply offer you love.  If only you could love money through me you will always, simply always, have more than enough or feel comfortable with the amount you have.  But you must love yourself and be engaged in an ongoing process of expanding that love.  Just as love is limitless so is the source and flow of money.  It depends on your self love and your relationships – your love of others.

You have no doubt heard this before, but I’ll say it again here.  When you give you receive, and you receive something greater than what you give. 

You can enjoy a bargain, but don’t rejoice in cheapness.  Remember you are seeking value and that means honouring the seller as well as yourself, the buyer.  You are in a relationship and although your financial needs differ (they are likely to want to get the most and you are wanting to pay the least), remember that the transaction is one of considered value.  If you, the buyer, do not place as much value on the product or service as the seller then it will not be a completed transaction for you.  But you are always in a relationship and you will be able to tell whether or not the seller is coming from a place of strong fear in themselves.

Let me (your heart chakra) be your guide in those moments and always give yourself time to consider the choices you make.  You can hold a field of love in which you and the seller are, even if they are in fear and are urging you to buy.  That field will hold you steady so your boundaries are firm for what is right for you.

So much healing needs to take place within relationships concerning money, and when you love money as the energy of exchange of value, you can help others come out of fear.

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  1. Jan Morley

    Hi Del, I love these money & chakra blogs - I can feel them speaking to my own chakras & stimulating a response which is always a good thing. Best Jan x

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