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CP3 Had a bad night?

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CP3   Had a bad night?                                                                                              

 7 chakras diagram

I had one of those nights last night – just couldn’t get off to sleep and ended up watching a TV movie that started around 1am.                                                     


I don’t know about you but when I wake up the next morning not having had proper sleep I feel sort of jet lagged, a kind of hang-over feeling without having had alcohol.  This morning I turned to my Chakra remedy!  Sounding.  Many of you will already know about this, but if you don’t this is what you do:


You work your way up your chakras one by one (of the major seven) and make a sound out loud.  Each chakra has its own sound tone, pitch and quality and when you allow the chakra itself to make the sound (well really you are making the sound with your vocal chords of course, but you keep your awareness at the chakra and the sound ‘comes through’ it), something quite magical happens.     


By the time I have finished sounding each chakra I feel as if I’ve had a good night’s sleep!  I make sure I do a minimum of three repeated sounds at each chakra and keep going until the sound I make is clear and steady (those of you who know about singing bowls will know what I mean).  Really it only takes about five minutes, although of course you can take longer.


Sound therapy and the chakras is a significant field of information and study, but you don’t have to be a sound therapist to help yourself in this way.  I use a standard set of ‘biju’ or seed sounds - I use a  long ‘A’, like when you say ‘Ah there it is …’: 

LAM  -  base

VAM -  sacral                                          

RAM -  solar plexus

YAM  - heart

HAM – throat

A       -  brow

OHM -  crown


I hope you find this as useful as I do.


Go well on this glorious autumn sunny day!




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  1. christina

    Had the same kind of night as you last night and tried this. It really helped the 'hangover' lift. Thanks for sharing that.

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