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23rd March 2020

I 'channelled' this information, which is rather hard-hitting.  If you want to read it I suggest you see it in terms of 'collective chakras' rather than your own personal chakra system.  However, having said that I believe what is said relates to all of us.  The various levels of consciousness that each of the seven major chakras relate to are used as points of focus for what needs to change in human behaviour and attitudes.

This is the corona virus speaking to:

Root chakra

We (the virus) have come to challenge your beliefs about survival.  You cannot survive if you consider yourselves more powerful than nature.  You are not.  We and others like us have existed in this biosphere for millennia.  You only arrived lately.  Micro-organisms can easily live without you and flourish.

Sacral chakra

We can tell you that it is no pleasure for me/us to make you suffer.  That is not what we want to do.  Rather we want to show you that you can have pleasure and nourishment without destroying the planet.  You can have balance and freedom of movement without constricting and destroying one another.  You can have peace through sharing the gifts that come with this planet you call home.  If it were truly your home you would take better care of it.

Solar Plexus

We am here to warn you.  Your ego is too big.  Your ego will destroy you.  You cannot have power over something of which you are but a product.  You came from the earth and you will return to the earth.  You are made of the same stuff as me.  You cannot have power over something that is bigger than you.


You cannot control the outcome of your lives without Love being at the centre.  We know that by our presence here now, but Love is beginning to show itself.  The shadow is there too - the hearts that do not care, that are ignorant and lost.  We say goodbye to them.  We are sorry that people are suffering and that many innocent people must die.  We have to get this message over to you.  You cannot keep going on the path you have been.  You must embrace change, but that change must come from the heart.


At the throat you may wonder about communications.  We sure are making you communicate with one another.  You may need to retreat, to withdraw, to even hide yourself away, but communicating you are certainly doing.  We have come at a time when the world systems have provided means through which you can network whilst isolating.  We demand your honesty and integrity.  We demand that you listen to the deepest values in your heart, that you communicate a message of reverence and respect for nature.

Third Eye/Brow

We know many of you are visionaries.  You see a different future, one of greater equality where what is prioritised is respect and dignity for all peoples whatever their creed, gender, colour and so on.  You are all part of nature and each one of you has a part to play, and is an essential thread in the network, an essential cog in the wheel.  We ask you to hold a vision of a future where humanity works with nature, not against it.


Here we know that we have the role of making you stop and listen to the greater intelligence that exists in all of nature.  Your own intelligence must be connected with something greater than yourselves.  This planet belongs to every atom, every molecule, every cell of living forms.  Yes, you are a major one, but your systems are destroying the rest.  

We value the fact that all is stopping.  There is a global pause.  Change of behaviour is being demanded.  Your chakra system holds you in physical survival at the root and in touch with a wider, spiritual context at the crown.  Remember this and remember that both those levels of consciousness are expressed through the heart, communicated through the throat.  When you no longer need us we will leave you, our energy will transform into other life forms.

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