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Towards the end of the year Chakra channelling exercise

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Towards the end of the year Chakra channelling exercise

As we move towards end of 2016 I'd like to encourage you to ask your energy body how are you doing.  Your energy body is the level of your being that is unseen; it is where your chakra system is located.  As you are viewing this chakra website I'm pretty sure you know where the chakras are located, but if you aren't take a look at this simple diagram.

Energy Body - Chakras - Delcia McNeil, Psychotherapist, Healer, Mentor, Supervisor, Artist

 I suggest you focus in on each of your seven major chakras and ask 'Please give me a few words that will tell me what you need.'   Believe me they will give you an answer!  Here's what mine have just given me:

Root:  Please give me time to be still; to feel and connect with the slow pulse of the earth.

Sacral:  Please give me pleasure - you take life so seriously!  I want to play.

Solar Plexus:  Breathe with me.  Come into a place of stillness here in your diaphragm so I can support you to calm down and so connect better with the root and sacral

Heart:  You love me and I love you. Keep protecting me so we can keep going for a long time yet!

Throat:  Keep singing and sounding - I want to be stronger and have more resonance

Brow:  How we love it here!  I feel good about our creative thinking but do stop worrying - such a waste of time and energy ...

Crown: - I remain present for you at all times, for ever

 Try it and see what you come up with!

And do have a fun (rather than stressful) time as you prepare for Christmas.

all good wishes, Delcia



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  1. Elizabeth Eaton

    Thanks Delcia - I will try this. I still think of you and enjoy receiving your kind and wise words. Have a very happy Christmas with your family and an enlightening 2017! Lovely to hear from you Elizabeth. I still think of you too. I hope all goes well - and Christmas greetings to you too.

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