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Donald Trump & the Chakras

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Donald Trump and the Chakras
What a topic you may ask!  The following is written very much tongue in cheek.
I’ve been wondering about what it would be like if I were Donald Trump and I were meditating on my Chakras.  At my Root I would definitely feel I had a right to be in the world, at my Sacral I would see myself as totally sexually irresistible to women, at my Solar Plexus I would experience myself as so sure of my self-worth there would be absolutely no doubt about it, at my Heart – I’m not so sure – seems a bit blank here -  at my Throat chakra I have strong energy for communicating but maybe the content is limited because ... mmm ... well – there seemed to be a blank below in the Heart.  At the Brow there lots of vision for a ‘Great America’ but do I know how easy it is to be deluded in this chakra?  and at the Crown – well seeing as I am a demi-god already I don’t need to develop myself spiritually.

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