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The Olympics & the Chakras

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The Olympics and Chakras ...
I've been pondering on the relationship between the amazing accomplishments of the Olympians and their Chakra systems.  I've come to the conclusion that their chakras must be incredibly strong and balanced in order to produce the energy required.  Here are some of my thoughts - I'd be interested to hear any of yours:

Root:  The are physically at their peak - all physiological systems are functioning at their highest potential. They have to be well grounded.

Sacral:  Movement and flow are essential in all the sports, plus a huge desire to win and great pleasure at achieving.

Solar Plexus:  Belief in the self and taking one's personal power is intrinsic to sporting success.
Heart:  They have to absolutely love what they are doing (how else could they make the sacrifices necessary to reach the levels they do?)
Throat:  They have to speak to the media often straight after their event - my goodness!  Many great sports people speak several languages too.
Brow:  Having a vision of winning, often from a very young age, is key to their success.  They also visualise their race or event before performing it.
Crown:  They have to believe in something bigger than themselves.  A sense of the spiritual is evident often - many look heavenwards/ thank God/wear a  talisman, kiss the ground.

How about each of us develops our own 'inner Olympian'!

How about each of us develops our own 'inner Olympian'

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