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Chakras, Money & Brexit

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Chakras, Money & Brexit

I’m preparing for a Money & the Chakras workshop coming up in North London on Saturday 9th July and, looking through my material from previous workshops I’ve run on this topic, I came upon a ‘channelled’ piece I wrote in 2012. It makes very interesting reading and seems especially relevant because of our understandable economic fears re Brexit. I hope you find it useful.  It has helped remind me of the transpersonal rather than purely materialistic level of our shared human life.  Some of it might be challenging.  There’s a message from each chakra:

The Chakras speak about Money!

This is your root chakra speaking in respect of money. 

I want you to know that you are always financially secure because the fact that you were born means you were meant to be in the world.  And because you are in the world you are provided for.  Otherwise you couldn’t have come here.

Let me explain.  When the egg and sperm met you began your material form and your journey into human consciousness.  At this point of materialisation you agreed to experience the human condition.  That condition is constructed in the minds of those alive at a particular time in history. 

Historically there has been considerable struggle to control materials – land particularly – for survival.  In your time in history there is a new kind of ‘survival’ and money is moving, or not moving, in a new and different way.  You still feel it is limited and resources are limited, but really they are not.  It is the fear behind unequal distribution that is limiting. 

I (your root chakra) know there is enough for everyone and much, much more to come as you develop your technology and tap into the limitless energy supply of the universe.  But this can only happen when you reconnect at my location (ie at the root chakra) with that limitless supply.  Money is one aspect of it and now you are ready for it. 

Your collective financial situation is forcing you to expand your thinking, your belief systems and how you give value to your goods and services, and most of all yourself.  Your physical survival is guaranteed financially and the more you have the more you can give to others.

This is your sacral chakra speaking in respect of money.

I am the place from where your money flows.  I encourage you to feel pleasure, to buy goods and services that delight you and I support you to provide goods and services that make others feel good.  This is my soul/sole function.  I help you to balance your outgoings and income so that you are always in a steady financial flow.

Along with my friend, the root chakra, I reassure you on a gut level that all is well and you can create and attract to you all the money you need – and much more. 

I also show you how you can feel completely satisfied and experience the fullness of joy of having enough.  When you do not fear lack you find that you hold to yourself that which is of value, and your needs become more simple and direct.  For instance you may just need good food, comfortable shelter, good company, and opportunities to be creative.  I, the sacral chakra, can supply these things easily – just connect with me and believe in me.

This is your solar plexus chakra speaking in respect of money.

How do you value yourself?  As you think about money when you focus on me (your solar plexus chakra) what happens?  Does the old anxiety from negative thoughts arise?  Do you say “I’ll never have enough” “I don’t deserve money”  “I don’t know how to get it”  “I might lose what I have”?  Our country’s economy is going to crash?  Do these kinds of thoughts dominate you – especially with Brexit fears?  Well, - stop it!

You and your community, all communities everywhere, are of the greatest value – so precious in fact that nobody could put a price on them.  So – for your personal economy choose your price!  Place a monetary value daily on yourself, eg. “Today, or each day, I am worth £500.”   Then value your day as if it was costing you £500.  This is not about spending £500 a day (unless you are already a billionaire you would get into financial difficulty very quickly if you did that!).  No, rather I mean value your life, your day today as that (or another) amount of money.  Value everyone’s day as an amount of money.  Start to see money as the symbol of value that it is.

Money is a reflection or a mirror of your self worth and I want you to value yourself highly.  In fact our example of £500 a day of value is very low for the precious being that you, and others, are.

This is your heart chakra speaking in respect of money.

Here I simply offer you love.  If only you could love money through me you will always, simply always, have more than enough or feel comfortable with the amount you have.  But you must love yourself and be engaged in an ongoing process of expanding that love.  Just as love is limitless so is the source and flow of money.  It depends on yourself love and your relationships – your love of others.

You have no doubt heard this before, but I’ll say it again here.  When you give you receive, and you receive something greater than what you give. 

You can enjoy a bargain, but don’t rejoice in cheapness.  Remember you are seeking value and that means honouring the seller as well as yourself, the buyer.  You are in a relationship and although your financial needs differ (they are likely to want to get the most and you are wanting to pay the least), remember that the transaction is one of considered value.  If you, the buyer, do not place as much value on the product or service as the seller then it will not be a completed transaction for you.  But you are always in a relationship and you will be able to tell whether or not the seller is coming from a place of strong fear in themselves.

Let me (your heart chakra) be your guide in those moments and always give yourself time to consider the choices you make.  You can hold a field of love in which you and the seller are, even if they are in fear and are urging you to buy.  That field will hold you steady so your boundaries are firm for what is right for you.

So much healing needs to take place within relationships concerning money, and when you love money as the energy of exchange of value, you can help others come out of fear.

This is your throat chakra speaking in respect of money.

How do you speak about money?  Do you speak negatively?  Do you hide the facts about your money situation?  It’s still something of a taboo in your culture, isn’t it?

Of course right now it is important to take care around who you speak to about your financial situation.  So many others are full of fear around money and that can undermine you as you transform your thoughts and attitudes about value, wealth and money creation.

Listen to how you speak, and if it is negative – change it!  You don’t have to be ‘pie in the sky’ or exaggerate or lie, but you can consider the word and meaning of value before you speak of money.  Notice if you sound resentful or mean or lacking – check that and change from fear to words of love and abundance.

Remember the heart chakra too – how you speak about money affects the quality of your relationships, and therefore the opportunities for wealth creation that can come your way.  Others want to be around you when you speak positively and optimistically.

This is your brow chakra speaking in respect of money.

What do you visualise and think most about? 

I want to help you bring your dreams into reality, but I have to know what your dreams are before I can plant the right ideas and pictures into your mind.

If your dreams are not defined, are hazy or unclear in any way, give yourself time; connect with your heart and sacral chakras, and see what comes.  Don’t stop the birth or creation of a dream because you think or feel it can never happen.  Play with your possibilities and ‘see’ what excites you.

I can give you all the ideas you need to create money.  I can also give ideas to others close to you, or those who are coming into your life.  These ideas will complement yours.  Using me and your heart chakra you can make money in a constructive and life giving way.

Check yourself when your thinking or imaginings go into destructive patterns.  Turn every seemingly negative or difficult situation into something positive for yourself and others. 

There is always a way through when times seem tough, and your thinking and visualising not only help you avoid those times, they also help you learn from every situation.  Never blame or criticise yourself with your thinking.  Picture yourself happy and contented.

This is your crown chakra speaking in respect of money.

Ah here you have your total connection!  Here, you have full access to the source of everything that is good for you – thoughts and visions, feelings and sensations, love and happiness.  This is always available for you – like the blue sky that is always above the clouds. 

Just connect to us here and the energy and love for all your chakras can flow through and down to you and around you and up from the earth.  You live in a field of abundance.  You just need to truly know it.

Imagine money itself raining down on you.

 ©   Delcia McNeil

*I had been inspired by a book called Love Money, M oney Loves You by Joy Prospero in which she writes as if she were money itself. I decided to do the a similar thing in respect of the chakras.

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