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CP28 Out of body experience & the Chakras

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Out of body experiences and the Chakras!     


Thursday 25 June, 2015


'feeling of leaving my body' - Artwork by Delcia McNeil - Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Mentor, Healer, Artist

one of my paintings that kind of describes this experience

I’d like to share a rather special experience I had this morning when I was meditating on my Chakras.

I decided to do what I usually do – that is begin at my root chakra and gradually work my way up.  At each chakra I checked to see how easily, or not, the energy was flowing through it and I supported this process by visualising clearing and strengthening.  I also hold the appropriate colour in my mind.  I always notice the differences between the chakras.  Some are simply ‘happier’ than others. 

When I reached the Brow chakra I drifted off and had a wonderful dream.  I’d like to share it with you:

I’m dreaming that a friend who is driving her car out of my street.  I am a pedestrian at the corner.  She stops her car and asks me which direction she should take.  I say to her it is her choice to make.  She could even go back if she wants to.  ‘Oh, I don’t want to go back’, she says.  She turns her car left and then parks on the right hand side.  She gets out.  There is disco-type music playing and she starts dancing with me joining her.  Other friends come to join us.  I find myself leaving the ground!  My feet are about a foot off the ground.  “I’m levitating” I say to the others.  “I can go higher!”  It is a blissful feeling.  Then one of my friends touches my sides, near my armpits from behind, and that interrupts my ability to leave my body.  “I can’t do it if you  touch me”, I say.  Then I woke up.

I’m sure a Jungian analyst would have a field day with this dream, but I’d like to keep it focussed on the topic if Chakras.  I don’t believe I would have had such a clear and natural out of body experience if my lower chakras hadn’t been in good shape.  The experience was both blissful and kind of ordinary, as if not being in my body is more familiar than being in it.  All the present day challenging things in my life felt put into perspective. 

If, through healing and balancing each of our chakra centres, we can experience other levels of consciousness comfortably then this has to be a good thing.

I was also curious about the effect of someone physically touching me and I had a conversation with my husband, Russell, about whether holding someone’s hand as they are dying could hold them back.

I felt prompted to write a blog post about this as it may be that you have these kinds of experiences but find it difficult to talk about them.  So I hope my sharing can be of help in supporting others to feel less alone with their inner world experiences.

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