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CP26 The Cough & the Throat Chakra

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The Cough & the Throat Chakra

'Sore Throat' - Artwork by Delcia McNeil   an ipad painting of my sore throat

I’ve been struggling with a sore throat, cough and fluy cold for nearly two weeks now – not like me at all.  Usually I recover quicker than this.  When I’m ill I sort of wallow in it – so easy to forget all the healing type things that can help (healer heal thyself??).  I have managed to take various remedies and sleep – a lot.  But what is really making a difference is ‘having a chat to’ – yes – guess what?  You’ve got it – my throat chakra.  It’s telling me to have courage and be brave.  “Be brave about being unwell?” I croak back to it.  “Yes,” it says “but much more than that.  Be brave about stating your truth about your work with Chakra Psychology.  Speak and write more about it.  Own it.  It’s your own unique work, so define it more and make sure others know about it.”  Does this ring any bells in terms of your own work or projects?  Anyway, to this end, and feeling I’m on the mend, I decided to re-write an article that I began a while back.  It’s almost there and I’ll let you know when it’s ready for reading.  I’m also preparing the script for my next you tube video ‘How does Chakra Psychology work’.    And I’ve created a sub-title for my courses: Chakra Psychology – fulfilling the dream of becoming whole. 

Here’s a section in the article that describes some of what we do on the Chakra Psychology course:

Chakra Psychology offers us a wide range of resources to work with. We have a psychological route through the chakras from Root to Crown.   Various chakra visualisation processes help to heal past situations in which we felt powerless, insecure, frightened, angry and so on. We also use drawing, healing touch, grounding exercises, affirmative statements & techniques to improve self esteem, sound healing, colour therapy, movement, open channelling (allowing a stream of consciousness to flow), exploring spiritual believes, sharing through talking and listening are all ways in which we can heal and grow. 

From a psychological perspective we focus on the functioning of a chakra in respect of its associated issues and its stage of development.  For instance if you feel very disconnected from your Root chakra you could explore, as in the case of Sally, the nature of your own birth and early bonding with your mother.  Maybe your self esteem is low.  This solar plexus issue tends to start showing itself during our primary school years, when we are trying to establish an identity outside the home.  If a strong self esteem did not get established in childhood it is something that can be built in adulthood.  Maybe you feel blocked in your Throat chakra - it’s likely you have difficulties expressing yourself.  You can discover what the cause of this may be.  You can learn communication skills to help you overcome this, or free up your voice in different ways.  As an approach Chakra Psychology is both pragmatic and visionary.

The next course is a 3 day intensive in South Cumbria on 23, 24 & 25  January (see courses).







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