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CP24 Devolution & the Chakras

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Devolution and the Chakras

Saturday morning 20th September 2014.

Since yesterday morning I have been feeling the need to write about the result of the Scottish referendum.  This morning, I just had to!  And I want to share it with those who appreciate the concept of Chakras.

It is exciting that we are going to have major constitutional changes in the United Kingdom, following the vote in Scotland to remain part of the Union.

From a Chakras point of view, my sense is that this represents a significant step in the evolution of consciousness – from the Solar Plexus to the Heart chakras.  The Solar Plexus is where we define ourselves, experience ourselves as part of a family, group or nation.  It is important for our sense of self, our self esteem and how we value ourselves.  It is about our identity within a culture.  This is why nationalism feels so deep and people fight and die to protect it.

Historically being a separate nation has been essential for survival – the fight for land, for power, for governance.  Butnow?  Now we are moving into Heart chakra consciousness.  This is a place where it doesn’t have to be ‘either/or’, it doesn’t have to be ‘for me to have, you will have to go without.’  Most importantly, it doesn’t mean ‘if I join with you I will lose my own unique identity’.  This is about ‘both and’ not ‘either/or’. 

Scotland can be and is part of the United Kingdom, as is Wales, Northern Ireland and England, each keeping their own unique culture.  This potentially makes us all ‘greater’.  Social change comes through the constant process of unity, splitting off, re-grouping, coming back together again.  Being able to have the Heart chakra position as the default position, rather than the Solar Plexus (and therefore Sacral, and Root chakras as layers beneath that), we consciously come to our relationships from a position of caring about the needs and wants of the other, as well as of ourselves. 

From the Heart chakra we recognise the value of every single person, every single nation.  The colour for the Heart chakra, of course, is green.  This is reflected politically in the Green movement.  Caring about our environment, human beings working together from all around the globe to tackle our environmental problems – this is the Heart chakra energy in action.

So, for me, the No vote in Scotland is, in fact, a Yes vote – not only for Scotland, not only for the United kingdom, but also for the world, for the ‘eyes of the world are upon us’ (to quote Gordon Brown this morning).

This is democracy at its best.  We have a responsibility to work to open and acknowledge our Heart Chakra energy, to heal any negative conditioning or woundedness in the ‘unconscious lower chakras’ (Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root) because whatever we are unaware of will influence all that we feel and do in our day to day lives.


We need to thank all those who worked hard for a Yes vote in Scotland, because without this referendum many of us (especially the English) would not have even recognised there was a need for change.  Americans often refer to the UK as England.  It would be good for those of us who are English to consider any covert feelings of false security – ‘I’m in England, and that’s superior to being in Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland.’

So wherever the splits remain in the world – and there are so many, so much terrifying, horrific behaviour going on, let’s trust that by continuing to work with our own fears and prejudices (which come from fear), we can move fully into Heart chakra consciousness, come to believe and know that we are all precious, full of the capacity to give and receive love.  We can live in harmony through facing up to our fears, our conflicts and splits.  We can develop a greater capacity to ‘walk in the other man’s moccasins’, to have an empathy that leads to a desire for inclusion rather than exclusion.

End of sermon!  I rest my case!!






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