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CP23 SEE & KNOW you are Beautiful!

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Beauty and the Brow Chakra

Brow Chakra - Artwork by Delcia McNeil, Psychotherapist, Mentor, Supervisor, Healer, Artist

You just need to know and believe you are beautiful!  We are coming towards the end of the Beauty & Chakras theme with the next blog, the Crown Chakra completing the seven.  For now,this is what the Brow Chakra says about Beauty:

As the Throat Chakra clearly stated, I need that Chakra to express me, through you, out into the world.  And I also stand alone, in that my relationship to Beauty is one of complete thought.  How you think about Beauty becomes Beauty for you – or not.

It is said that Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  This is true.  It is your perception of beauty that creates your reality.  Beauty can be found in the darkest of places.  It can be found in Ugliness.  In the horror of a battlefield, you may see a small flower; in the suffering face of the wounded you can see your own love for them reflected in their eyes. 

Look closely and perceive.  There is Beauty in everything.  As the light falls and the shadows are cast, there is Beauty.

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