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CP21 Wimbledon Finals & Chakras

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What has Wimbledon got to do with the Chakras?

I was watching the Men's final yesterday with some friends (and eating plenty of strawberries and cream!) After it was finally all over (what a slog!) I remarked that the players must have very strong, balanced Chakras.  One of my friends suggested I write a post for my blog, so here it is!  This is what I came up with: 

  • Root Chakra is for absolute physical peak performance
  • Sacral Chakra for flowing movement and emotional control
  • Solar Plexus Chakra for self belief 
  • Heart Chakra for good sportsmanship
  • Throat Chakra for being able to do an interview straight after the match in what is usually not the player's mother tongue 
    Brow Chakra for the vision of being able to win 
  • Crown Chakra for believing in a 'higher force' - ever seen how often players show gratitude, look up to 'heaven' or cross themselves?

Any of your feedback thoughts on this would be very welcome.


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