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CP18 You ARE Beautiful!

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This is your Solar Plexus Chakra speaking about Beauty   

I am your solar plexus chakra and I demand of you to identify your individual self, to find the fire within you that burns for your passion for life and your anger at injustice.  When you consider Beauty and loss, you rage against it.  That passion is essential for your growth.

When you are in your youth you experience yourself as timeless, as if all that you know will remain the same, that you will remain the same.  The notion of decay is outside of your consciousness.  Your brow will not wrinkle, your muscle tone will not lessen, your mobility will be what it is – your ability to move!  There is a saying that youth is wasted on the young.  It is, of course not wasted, for the whole idea of youth is that it is unconscious to itself.  It holds immortality within itself. 

Now let’s think of Beauty.  Many young people do not feel beautiful, when of course they are.  If nothing else they have the beauty of youth itself.  This is a sad state of affairs because once youth has passed it cannot be retrieved.  What I mean is that they cannot retrieve youth’s beauty.  But here we are on this topic of Beauty.  I need you to know that there is a middle-aged Beauty, there is an old age Beauty, there is a human Beauty, there is a sea of Beauty in which you live out your life.  I demand of you that redefinition of Beauty that you have already spoken about with my friends the Root and Sacral chakras. 

There is Beauty in decay.  Yes, shocking isn’t it! Your dictionary refers to decay as “to become rotten, to deteriorate, lose quality, decline in power, wealth, energy, beauty etc, to waste away”.  Understandably you are saying “how can that be a good thing?”  It’s a horrid thing – to lose of all that, which includes Beauty.

Well, let me say Beauty does not only belong to the young.  The Beauty of decay is that it makes way for the next stage of growth.  Redefining the process of decay involves creating a new identity for yourself.  Whenever you give up something there is a grieving process, a loss, a fear of the unknown.  In viewing that very process itself as something of Beauty you can give meaning to all your experiences no matter how challenging they feel at the time.  That which is ugly in the world (if we define ugly as the opposite of beautiful) will hold Beauty within it. 

Look for the Beauty in yourself and in the world and you will discover it absolutely everywhere.  And where you believe you cannot see it, look again carefully.  Where you see the bodies of a war-torn terrible situation, look beyond the horror to the Beauty of passion in the desire of those who are doing the killing.  Yes, I know this is difficult for you to grasp.  And this is in no way condones killing or atrocities.  Nor should you deny their existence or turn your head away.  In facing this and seeing that those who have done it, you can see that in their rage and fear they want power because they are passionate about life.  They are taking what is not theirs because they fear loss.  This kind of fear masks a great passion for life.  This is the tragedy but it is also the Beauty.  

You see this topic of Beauty contains much within it.  As your Solar Plexus chakra I urge you to know that you, with your weaknesses and strengths, are Beauty itself.

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