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CP17 Proof you are beautiful!

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Your Chakras speak about Beauty

 Following on from my last blog post in which the Root Chakra spoke about Beauty, here is the next one – the Sacral – the place from which, as a tiny child, we begin to become conscious of the wonder of all that surrounds us.

 This is your Sacral Chakra speaking about Beauty

 Sacral Chakra - Artwork by Delcia McNeil - Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Mentor, Healer, Artist

I represent your motility – the way you move and the freedom within your body.  My energy helps you flow and at the same time reminds you of your physical limitations.  I teach you boundaries as well as support you to go with your gut feelings and enjoy life to its fullest. 

You say that as you grow old you lose a lot of the capacity to move freely (again depending a lot on lifestyle and so on).  Well, it’s true that your body changes.  But I don’t!  I mean I am still here for you in my fullest.  I don’t lessen within your subtle bodies.  In fact you could say that I get ‘larger’ because I am part of the process that gradually prepares you for when you leave your physical body. 

But let’s get back to this question of Beauty.  You feel as you grow older you are less beautiful.  From here, at your Sacral chakra, I want to say that although your energy needs to be paced differently, and although you may not feel as needy sexually, your capacity for sexuality, sensuality and pleasure is actually greater because you are more aware.  So this means that your capacity to appreciate Beauty and fully enjoy it is greater.  As you enjoy beauty more and consciously engage with it more you become more beautiful in yourself.  You can’t help it.  This is a particular kind of Beauty and, just as my friend the Root chakra has already pointed out, this requires a redefinition of what Beauty actually is.  You are beautiful.  Take it from me.  And of course this includes everyone  reading this!



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