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CP16 Your Chakras speak about Beauty

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Your Chakras speak about Beauty

Are you over 50?  As you age are you critical of your looks and your physical body generally?  

As this is an ongoing issue for me I thought I would write a blog post on the topic of Beauty from the perspective of each of the seven major chakras.  The Root chakra is associated with our physical survival, our anatomy & physiology, especially our bones and blood, and our very existence on the Earth:

Root Chakra - artwork by Delcia McNeil - Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Mentor, Healer, Artist This is the Root Chakra speaking about Beauty:    

“They say that beauty is only skin deep.  Well that’s true because your real beauty does lie deep within.” 

"Oh”, I say, “that’s easy if you don’t live in a culture that views beauty as belonging to the young.”

“Well, let us consider Beauty”, says the Root Chakra.   “What is it?  Isn’t it something that lifts people’s spirits, that is pleasant to look upon, something that works efficiently like a beautiful engine?”

"Well that’s my point”, I retort, “as you get older you aren’t pleasant to look at – your muscles sag and you get bags under your eyes and your body starts to complain and not work the way it did”.

"This is all true (depending a lot on the lifestyle you choose), but consider the beauty in just how long your body functions for.  Do you ever appreciate the years and years of steady energy coming through me to power the engine of you?  I signify your physical life and death, and when you die I don’t leave you.  I just leave your physical body.  We won’t go into the ins and outs of death and what may or may not come afterwards.  I want to point out here that my energy moving through you (your Root Chakra) is available to you at all times, whatever age you are.  I’m not here as a source of anti-ageing cosmetic surgery (heaven forbid!) but when you focus on me and appreciate me you will experience the ongoing flow of vital force that I give you.  It’s true that when you are young you have me working away outside of consciousness, but now you are older you can ‘behold me in my full beauty’.  Love your Root Chakra and you love your physical self - warts and all.  Let that love shine through you whatever your age and each wrinkle and crevice will become a magnet for attracting positive experiences.  Don’t whinge about your youth culture.  Redefine beauty itself.  They say Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  Value yourself as you age and others will value you.  I’m your Root Chakra and I see that you are physically very beautiful indeed.”

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  1. suzanne

    Dear Delcia Thank you for brining my attention to consider growing older, beauty and the chakras, I had not made that connection I will engage in a dialogue with my root chakra All the best Suzanne

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