Welcome to Chakra Psychology

What is Chakra Psychology?

Chakra Psychology is a multi-disciplinary approach to a combination of traditional Eastern spiritual philosophy with contemporary Western in-depth psychology.  

Psychotherapist & Energy Healer, Delcia McNeil, who has over thirty years experience of working with the Chakras, runs Chakra Psychology courses for people who are choosing a personal and spiritual growth path. 

Delcia's Chakra Psychology courses are broad based and bring together the work of several major contemporary psychological and spiritual writers on the Chakra System, as well as her own experience. Elements include humanistic and transpersonal psychology, eastern philosophy, somatic therapy, childhood developmental theory, inner child work, creative visualisation, subtle energy, movement, touch, sound and colour healing. 








What are the benefits of doing Chakra Psychology courses?

                                        Here are just some stated from the words of past course participants:

  • gain a deeper knowledge of the Chakra system
  • develop greater self awareness and insight
  • experience an opportunity to find out how your own Chakras are influencing your life
  • develop a conscious relationship with your own Chakra system
  • receive support to open, examine and heal unknown avenues in yourself with each Chakra
  • if you work as a therapist add depth, richness, tools and knowledge to your work
  • become more sensitive to your own physical body
  • recognise energy blockages
  • learn how to have greater control over uncomfortable feelings and be able to shift your mood state
  • gain greater objectivity about your personal issues
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Who does these courses?

  • Counsellors & psychotherapists
  • Healers
  • Holistic & complementary therapists
  • Yoga teachers
  • Alexander Technique teachers
  • Homeopaths & other alternative medicine practitioners,
  • People in the caring or education professions who have an interest in the Chakra system
  • Those on a spiritual, personal development path
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