Testimonials - Chakra Psychology

Feedback from Family Constellations & the Chakras workshop:

"I found working with Family Constellations and the Chakras a profound and illuminating experience. By the end of the session I felt lighter and freer in my body and soul. Delcia's gentle guidance, depth of knowledge and presence made the whole process contained, very safe and deeply healing."  Mari Trini  London

"I found the Family Constellation workshop to be so enlightening. Since the workshop I have found that I am much more calm and understanding towards myself and others. Delcia is the such a gracious facilitator and I know whenever I attend her workshops I'm in safe hands. I would highly recommend this workshop to anybody who is looking to reflect on themselves and their family history and patterns. It is unlike anything I have ever done."  Fareda B   London 

"The constellation I did on this workshop was profoundly moving and insightful for me, and I have found some peace around a family issue that had previously been very difficult.  Delcia feels like a 'very safe pair of hands' to be facilitating this depth of experiential work."  Julie A    Kent


Feedback from the In Depth Chakra Psychology course:

"This truly holistic course has given me a fascinating insight into the power of the chakra system as well as psychology as a whole.  It has given me the opportunity to examine and heal myself at the same time as providing tools for my kitbag as a practitioner.   I highly recommend it for any therapist.  It's a gem."   Linda H  Essex

"I would definitely recommend this workshop to healers, energy workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, doctors and psychiatrists or anyone wishing to gain an experiential and intellectual awareness of the chakras."    Neil C   Manchester

"I liked the intimacy and ease of the workshop.  I was able to reflect on and make connections about my life, past and present.  I feel I have been able to open and release blocked energy which have resulted in moments of feeling glorious." JC  North London

" A truly profound tour of the chakras in nine months!   What I loved about the course was the way Delcia created such an open, gentle yet powerful space within which to individually encounter the chakra system.  I feel it allowed me to establish a strongly rooted relationship with my own energy system and to glimpse parts of myself that were surprising, and fabulous, sometimes strange,  but always moving.   And that movement has transformed the way I walk in the world.  I have found a new palette of colours with which to paint my life with; I have woken up and feel like I have the courage to walk creatively on the canvas of the world."    Jane M      Essex

"A very enjoyable and informative nine months.  I thoroughly appreciated the multi-disciplinary approach that incorporated theory, movement, music, artwork and visualisation.  I felt very cared for and accepted in an arena that was expertly facilitated with wisdom and compassion."  PA  London

"A well planned, co-ordinated and paced workshop with interesting, varied theories and exercises.PW  Kendal, South Cumbria

"I liked the accepting atmosphere – I felt comfortable to bring and share my Christian spirituality." JF   London

"I wasn’t sure what I wanted and on looking back I came to something surprising – the subtle, gentle flowering of my creativity.  I found the handouts really good and love the paintings of each of the chakras – inspirational and awakening colour in my life."  DC   London

"It was beautifully and simply facilitated in a way that really raised my awareness and understanding of chakras for my own personal development and for that of my clients.  Thank you."  MR  Kendal, South Cumbria

"It’s about opening yourself.  This is what the course has given me.  I have been empowered." SL Cambridge

"Delcia’s wonderful course opened up the spiritual, philosophical and psychological aspects of the chakra system in a deep and meaningful way.  I gained profound insight into personal patterns of behaviour."  SY  London

"I admire Delcia’s wonderful approach to passing on her wealth of knowledge. She always treats course members with a huge amount of respect, with everyone’s comments and opinions being valid therefore boosting confidence and self-esteem. A very loving atmosphere is present at Delcia’s courses."     Sandra B    Carlisle

"The course has been brilliant for me, Delcia.  Something very powerful has happened as we go up the chakras.  It’s been a process of coming home to myself."   SLC  North London

"I found the course very supportive; it furthered my knowledge and understanding of myself and others.  It was very empowering – and just fantastic!"   Maxine G   East London

"I found the space created, plus the content, allowed me to contact and touch the painful and joyful places related to my beliefs about myself.  It gave me valuable insights to continue working with and I found at the end a much greater compassion for myself."  JW  Kendal, South Cumbria