Family Constellations & the Chakras

What is Family Constellations?

Family Constellations therapy was developed from the mid-1990s by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist and former priest, while working with families as a family therapist.

Family Constellations is an existential therapy.  This is a phenomenological approach that requires the therapist to put aside assumptions, theories or agenda in the interests of allowing the client to explore their reality and allow the situation to show itself.

One of the causes of individual suffering - and even illness - is that what is actually going on is often obscured by hidden dynamics operating in the family system: the fates of earlier members of our families and their responses to events in their lives may be affecting us in the present. Beliefs, attitudes and coping strategies - sometimes resorted to in the face of distress and trauma - are transmitted down the generations. This approach offers a method by which these hidden dynamics may come to light. This is done in a spirit of respect for all the members of the family system. 

What happens?

A person in the group decides to work on an issue. They find an intention or next step that they want to take and then, guided by the group therapist, chooses others to represent members of his/her family or possibly parts of him/herself - or both - and places them in a grouping.  From the responses of the representatives connections and entanglements in the family - both past and present - begin to come to light and then steps towards healing may be found.  The representatives are placed within what is referred to as ‘the Knowing Field’ – the energetic field in which we all exist.

How can the Chakras fit into this?

We know that the Chakra system is a way in which we can experience and understand how energy moves through us and is assimilated within us.  In the Family Constellations & the Chakras workshop we use the Chakras in different ways.  One way is to have a constellation in which a participant chooses someone to represent their chakra system, or one or more specific chakras, alongside others representing family members.  A second way is to constellate the seven chakras of an individual group member.  The Chakras themselves come to represent symbolic and energetic connections to the issue the client wishes to heal.  

The next workshop is a one day event on Sunday 11th February 2018, 10am-4.30pm, in Muswell Hill, London N10 3NU.  Fee £85. 

And this one day workshop is also taking place on Saturday 24th March 2018, 10am-4.30pm in Cartmel, South Lakeland, Cumbria LA11 6PH  Fee £75.

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A certificate of completion is given and this workshop is validated for CPD by The Association for Therapeutic Healers.  The ATH is a member of the Confederation of Healing Organisations.  The CHO is the leading charity advancing the practice of Healing.