Money and Chakras

After spending thirty years using the chakra system as a vehicle for my own self healing, and also teaching about chakras for most of that time, it was only last year that I realised that I could use them to help with healing my relationship with money.  I have also been exploring all the ideas about abundance consciousness, law of attraction and so on since the 1980s. 

I knew that physical and financial security were root chakra issues and I knew that we use the brow chakra for manifesting.  However, I created a system involving each of the seven major chakras to uncover specific psychological and energetic blocks to feeling healthy, positive and clear in my relationship with money. 

Money & Chakras Image - Artwork by Delcia McNeil

Many people struggle with bringing spirituality and business/finance together and now is the time to overcome this.  The Chakras offer us a wonderful tool to tackle this and bring us to a place of feeling financially secure. 

In August of 2011 I ran my first workshop on this topic to graduates of the In-depth Chakra Psychology course, all of whom grabbed the opportunity to uncover hidden beliefs and thoughts that were hindering them in their lives.  They gained insights way beyond their expectations and were able to shift many of their uncomfortable energies and emotions in respect of money.

I am now successfully running Money & Chakras courses and developing this work further.  My own money journey through my chakras took several months and I continue to deepen this personal journey.  The most significant healing for me has been a complete letting go of fear for the future and blame of my husband for investing in a project that has been seriously hit by the global economy.  And my income that was falling improved and became steady again.  And now it is increasing!  More importantly I am trusting the expansion of my work (and consequently income) without it feeling like a struggle or hard work.  

The Money & Chakras course also supports people to see their financial concerns as an aspect of their conditioning, together with placing this in the context of the external economic climate.  Using the chakras not only helps us access unconscious (therefore hidden) beliefs and feelings, they also show us how external influences may have affected us in our growing up, and continue to do so.  We can use the energy of our 'strong' chakras to help our other chakras which may be vulnerable. Ultimately I believe this makes us stronger as individuals to influence the value systems at the root of the global economy itself.  This course is a process; it takes you on an exciting journey ...

At present there are no Money & Chakras Courses, scheduled.  Please contact Delcia if you wish to log your interest.  Here are examples of previous workshops:
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